Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things are changing


Gold Has a Sinking Spell Gold prices today are down to $1,310 nearly $100 in less than a month’s time, after gaining about 30% versus the dollar in 2010.

T-Bill rates fall the most in a month

Rates on U.S. one- and three-month bills fell the most in a month after the Treasury Department said it will reduce borrowing on behalf of the as the U.S. approaches a debt-borrowing limit.

Crude oil down to lowest level in a month.

The spread between Brent North Sea is now almost $12 and crude is down another 2% today

New Claims Up unexpectedly by 51,000 above consensus.

Are these the corrections people were hoping for but didn't really want? Can a stock market corrections be far behind?

Dan Perkins

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