Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our house has 7 stockings on the fireplace

I realize that this has been a difficult year in terms of the markets and the economy for all of us. I hope that next year will see the return to better times. As I look back at my year, I have many things to be thankful for in 2008. My clients, many who are close friends, who have stayed with me though these most difficult times and my two new daughters are just two examples of the many things that I am thankful for this Christmas.

Last Saturday the 20th, we had a visitor arrive at our house who has changed Gerri and I, forever. That visitor is our granddaughter Charlotte. She will be with us through the 26th and as many of you know, she is the first baby in our house on Christmas in over 25 years.

Yes, we all have a lot on our minds wondering and worrying about what will happen next year. With a baby in the house you change your prospective about life. Charlotte and her parents are the future of American, a future that is full of promise and opportunity. I sometimes cannot see the future as clearly, but it is right in front of our eyes, it is our children and grandchildren.

I hope you have found these blogs helpful. As one client said, "I don't always understand all of what is going on, but I get great comfort knowing you are looking out for our interest." I will continue to write and call things as I see them. We are in this together and I have a responsibility to protect all of our money as best I can. While money is important, as another client said to me after my surgery, "you start with your health and everything else is a bonus."

I want to wish all of you who are clients, friends or just people who just read my blog a Blessed Christmas Season and a healthy and more prosperous 2009.

Dan Perkins

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